Hello Maplewood Families,

We want to make sure you stay informed about all the events and activities going on at Maplewood!  There are many ways to stay, "In the Know." 

Here they are:
School Website (this page)
Maplewood PTA Facebook (currently enrolled students)
Maplewood Facebook
Schoology (currently enrolled students)
School Messenger (currently enrolled students)

Based on parent and family feedback, our Maplewood PTA Facebook Page is the best source of information about Maplewood Elementary.  It is also a Closed Group and as such, we feel very safe in posting pictures.  Lots of pictures!  So, if you have a student enrolled at Maplewood, check out all these sites.  But, make sure to join Maplewood PTA Facebook for information that is specifically focused on Maplewood Elementary. 

Susan Walton, Principal